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Armadillos are some of the most interesting and recognizable critters in the Philadelphia area. They have an armored shell on their bodies and are known for digging, burrowing, and potentially damaging property. Critter Control in Philadelphia has plenty of experience in armadillo trapping and removal, and it’s important to understand that although these animals may be fascinating and seemingly harmless, they pose several dangers.

Armadillos have natural armor plating on their backs, heads, limbs and tails, and they have very strong claws. They live in areas with thick vegetation and lots of hiding spots. They dig underground burrows for themselves and like to dwell near a reliable source of water. Their digging is the primary problem they cause to humans for several reasons.

These varmints like to travel along manmade paths like roads, and their burrowing can sometimes do structural damage, or cause sinkholes and collapses. While they may not invade homes or properties in search of food, their digging can present slip and fall hazards for humans. They’re also the only mammal capable of transmitting leprosy.

If an armadillo does enter a human-populated area in search of food, crop fields are the most likely target. They primarily eat insects but have been known to eat some plants, bird eggs, and small animals, including lizards and frogs. While fences and other barriers may deter them, their tendency to burrow makes them difficult to keep out of some areas.

We have over 30 years of experience in handling any type of animal control situation. The most effective method of dealing with unwanted armadillos is trapping and relocating them. Critter Control in Philadelphia provides effective and humane trapping and relocation for armadillos. Only professionals should ever attempt to handle or transport armadillos due to the risk of infection. If you have pest issues at your home or business, Contact Us or call us for more information.

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