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Armadillo Removal

Armadillos are medium-small mammals that reside mainly in Latin American countries. Here in the U.S., Philadelphia Arnadillowe only host the nine-banded armadillo species. These timid guys are known for the hard, rounded shell they carry on their back and their lack of ability to make it safely across a roadway. Unfortunately, they can become quite a nuisance in and around populated areas as their sharp claws allow them to rip up everything in reach when searching for food. When considering an armadillo removal, it’s safest to leave it to the professionals.


Holes: Because they have a habit of digging burrows, armadillos can make your yard unsafe to walk in. The holes are small enough that you may not notice them, however large enough to warrant sprained ankles and falls. If you find holes in your yard, it’s best to double check the problem with a professional.

Crop Destruction: Sometimes, armadillos can’t find enough insects to eat. In this case, they will begin to feed on any vegetation you have growing. From melons to cabbage, they will eat right through your garden.

Foundation Problems: When the weather begins to cool, armadillos are less active outside and have been known to dig places under houses and porches to stay warm. These creatures are warm-blooded but suffer from poor blood circulation to their extremities. Thus, they must hunker down into warm holes underneath these areas. Unfortunately, holes like these can affect your homes’ foundation and cause structural issues.

The Critter Control Difference

Critter Control® not only takes care of the armadillos on your property humanely but works to help prevent future problems and restore any damage done to your home. We would love chat with you about your armadillo problem and provide a solution. For a free estimate, call us today at 610-385-4405.

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