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Safety is crucial in your home, and you want to be certain that such security isn’t compromised. Delaware Valley - BatsUnfortunately, when bats get involved, they can become quite the problem. If they have access to your home and most likely your attic, they are coming and going as they please and using your attic to catch up on some much-needed rest during the day.  Though they will typically avoid any humans, their presence in your home has the potential to become a health concern.

The Problem

One of the biggest concerns with bats is the issue of disease. Bats are known to be capable of spreading diseases such as rabies. When enough bats colonize a home, they can seriously harm your loved ones, due to the buildup of their feces, commonly known as guano. Because of contaminants found inside of it. Histoplasmosis is a disease which can be spread through the fungus and bacteria carried by guano. As the guano collects in your attic, it has the potential to dry up and in turn, break apart easily. This releases spores that go airborne and can increase the risk of ailments striking your family members.

Your Removal solution

Never allow bats to infest your home for long as they can be problematic. Due to varying laws, bats are protected because of how crucial they are to their ecosystem, so it is ill-advised to attempt and remove them yourself. Rely on Critter Control® of Delaware Valley to handle any bat troubles you may face. Call us today for your free consultation at  610-385-4405.

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