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Bat Removal

Having bats in the attic is a pretty intimidating challenge for most homeowners. Due to their tendency to philadelphia batscarry disease, potential damage to your home, and laws surrounding removal techniques, bat removal should always be left to a professional. Bats do not like human interaction and will stay out of sight as often as possible. This can make spotting a bat problem difficult.

Do you have bats?

The easiest thing you can do is watch for signs of an infestation. These include:

  • Guano, or bat droppings
  • Oil stains on any openings near the attic, especially vents
  • Rustling noises or squeaks from the attic or walls
  • Spotting bats near your home in the evening

If you happen to notice any of these, call a professional immediately. Bats can reproduce at an alarming rate in your attic, so timing is crucial.

Bats in our Ecosystem

While homeowners don’t care much for bats in the attic, they are essential to the environment. They provide pollination and natural pest control for our ecosystem. Recently, however, there has been a decline in the bat population due to human activity, so they are now protected by law in certain areas. Bat removal, exclusion and extermination tactics are more difficult than ever and are banned during most of the year. Bats are imperative to our ecosystem so, with the strict regulations set on removal, it is wise to use a professional.

Partner with us

Critter Control® of Delaware Valley will be there with you through the whole process, including everything from inspection to exclusion. We’ll even help to restore any damage your home has attained due to your unwelcome guests. Give us a call at 610-385-4405 for your free estimate on bat removal!

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