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These black and yellow flying insects are fairly common, and while they may not be welcome on your Philiedlphia Beesproperty, we mustn’t forget how crucial they are to the ecosystem. Thanks to their contributions to pollination of not only flowers but many fruits and vegetables as well, we benefit since bees are the cornerstone to many of our food sources. That being said, it is just as important to recognize the dangers posed by them once they are on your property.

The Problem with Bees

Luckily, bees are not known to attack people without reason. Typically, they will only attack when threatened and in defense of the hive. However, you can easily be mistaken for a threat which could result in problems for you. Children and adults alike are both capable of accidentally approaching bees without even realizing it and invoking the wrath of the hive, which is why it is paramount to exercise caution in areas where bees might be present.

A standard sting can leave you with a painful and irritated feeling, but if you are allergic, then it can be much worse. Even if you have mild reactions to the individual stings, the effects can compound and become devastating when a swarm attacks you, and you receive multiple stings.

Where Are They?

Staying safe is as easy as knowing where hives typically form and staying vigilant in those areas. You can commonly find them elevated up in trees as well as near your porch. People often will notice bees swarming near a bush and assume that the hive is somewhere inside the bush, but it is most likely down in the ground beneath the bush. If a hive is found on your property, it must be dealt with immediately.

Safely Handling Bees

While bees have an immensely positive impact on our environment, it is still dangerous to allow them to remain on your property. At Critter Control® of Delaware Valley, we make it our goal to provide you with safe and effective solutions for any bee problems you may encounter. If bees are on your property, do not hesitate to contact our expert staff today at 610-385-4405 for your free consultation.

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