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Bee Removal

Having pests in your home can be one of the most annoying and uncomfortable situations you’ll have to philly beehandle. It may start as a nuisance. However, if left undealt with, it can spiral out of control. This is especially the case with bees, as they live in colonies and reproduce at an alarming rate. We understand that conducting a bee removal at your home can be scary but, due to their recent endangered status, it must be done correctly.

Dangers of Bees

Bees are a highly diverse and defensive species. Typically, they are calm. However, they will attack at even the slightest sign of a threat to protect the colony and the queen. There are between twenty and twenty-five thousand species of bees, and each has its’ own defense system. Killer bees are known for being incredibly aggressive and attack in swarms. These bees have reportedly chased people for over a quarter mile once provoked.

Bee infestations are incredibly dangerous and must be handled with the utmost care. If you suspect an invasion, call a professional immediately. Attempting to take care of the problem yourself can trigger attacks that cause sharp pain, swelling and can be life-threatening to someone who is allergic. If you identify their location, do your best to stay away from the area and keep from provoking them. Some common areas bees get into are chimneys, gutters, pipes, and the attic through the mesh in vent holes.

How We Can Help

Every bee case is different and needs to be taken care of properly. When you partner with Critter Control® of Delaware Valley, we’ll find the source of the problem, get the bees out, fix the source to prevent future infestations and clean up the area. Give us a call today at 610-385-4405 to get your free estimate.

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