Thanks to their small size, mice are often underestimated, however, this is not to say that they cannot Philadelphia mousebe the cause of many problems. These tiny critters can easily enter your home through the smallest openings and they have no problem with overstaying their welcome. When mice enter your home, it should be treated very seriously as they can cause substantial damages.

The Dangers

Mice will naturally be drawn to your home as it provides protection as well as a reliable supply of food and water. Unfortunately, when a mouse makes itself at home on your property, you are left to deal with the repercussions. Mice have a tendency to find their way into your pantry and from there they will go after your food. With their teeth and claws, they can break through packaging and contaminate food with their germs. Mice are very capable of spreading disease to humans and this is an easy way for infection to spread without contact.

When mice are in your home, a major concern is the rapid pace in which they can reproduce. The litter from a single mouse can be up to 12 pups, and in a year that mouse can have around 15 litters. In no time, the mouse population in your home becomes insurmountable, which is why the problem needs to be dealt with early on.

Controlling Your Critters

Mice in your home can be detrimental and at Critter Control® of Delaware Valley, we understand the need to stay protected from infestation. We have over 30 years of experience and can apply it toward expert trapping to rid unwanted mice. We also offer preventative services to seal up points of ingress and make it more difficult for mice to enter in the future. Don’t hesitate to call us at 610-385-4405 to stay protected against mice intrusion today.