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Mice Removal

Because of their tiny size, mice are very capable of making their way into your home with ease. While they are often seen as cute, cuddly and harmless, mice can do substantial amounts of damage to your home and present a health hazard to your family. At the first instance of mice within your home, you should call the experts at Critter Control® of Delaware Valley to ensure a safe and effective removal.

The Problems with Mice

Mice reproduce quickly, and once they find their way into your house, their numbers can increase exponentially. Once you face an infestation, the damages posed and the expenses behind them begin to grow. If there is a mice infestation within your home, along with the risk of disease being spread, you can expect to find the following damages:

  • Food packaging chewed on
  • Destroyed storage containers in attic
  • Urine and feces soaking into ceiling and walls
  • Damage to insulation due to nest building
  • Electrical wiring gnawed on

The Solution

Though mice can be incredibly problematic in any household, infestations are not impossible to overcome. At Critter Control® of Delaware Valley, we have our tried and true removal method to ensure that your home is critter free, and it stays that way.

  1. Inspect: First and foremost, we need to send out an expert to inspect your home and determine the scale of the infestation. Every animal problem is different which is why this first step is crucial to ensure a proper removal.
  2. Removal: After we have an idea of the problem at hand, we can then formulate a plan to determine the best method to remove the unwanted mice in your home safely and efficiently.
  3. Restoration: The job doesn’t end at removal. More than likely, they have done a number on your home which needs to be fixed, whether it be cleaning up urine and droppings, or re-installing damaged insulation.
  4. Prevention: Lastly, we need to ensure that these problems will not arise in the future. This last step is dedicated to sealing up any entry points in which mice may gain entry to your home and prevent future infestation.

Stay Protected Against Infestation with Critter Control®

An infestation of mice in your home can be incredibly destructive and is something that you should never risk. At the first sign of mice in your home, be sure to contact Critter Control® of Delaware Valley to ensure a safe and effective removal. Call us today at 610-385-4405 and schedule your free on-site home inspection.

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