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Philadelphia opossum

These furry critters are quite shy, yet very intrusive. They are capable of finding their way into your garage, attic, and crawl spaces in the pursuit of shelter and food. Once inside, they can prove to be quite problematic as they nest on your property. Opossums are also known for their tendency to ‘play dead’ when they perceive a threat. Luckily, this natural reaction to playing dead is indicative of their docile nature as opossums are not aggressive.

Are They Dangerous?

Areas populated by humans are not the natural habitat for opossums, but due to the ever-growing reach of land development, the wooded areas which they would usually inhabit are being depleted. This decrease in their habitat results in opossums needing to find new homes in human inhabited areas. Thanks to this excessive exposure to people, opossums are slowly becoming less afraid of us and through their new levels of comfort, they are more inclined to enter your home, search through your garbage, and potentially leave a bit of damage in their wake.

Despite their newfound ease with people, they are still smart enough to avoid contact when possible. This is what drives them to spaces such as your attics and crawl spaces. Once inside, they begin to nest and run the risk of passing on sicknesses such as tuberculosis.

Your Opossum Control Solution

Nobody wants opossums on their property and to prevent the risk of damages and disease spreading, rely on the experts at Critter Control® of Delaware Valley. We have the experience necessary to provide safe and effective removal, as well as restoration services to bring your home back to its original glory before the infestation. Call today for your free consultation at 610-385-4405.

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