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Opossum Removal

Opossums are a marsupial just about the size of a cat. Their massive amounts of sharp teeth are perfect for Deleware Valley Possumdestroying yards and feeding on trash and vegetation. Often times, mistakes are made while attempting opossum removal as homeowners are not familiar with the behaviors of this intruder.

Opossums are nocturnal and can typically be found roaming outside at night. During the day, they find a dry and safe place, like your crawl space or under the deck, to create a den and hide out with their young. It is crucial you do not try to remove dead opossums because, when found in the light, they will often “play dead” hoping the predator will get bored and leave them. Trying to remove an opossum that is using this tactic can scare it and trigger an attack. This is especially dangerous for any children or pets playing in the area. If you suspect an opossum invasion, it’s imperative that you call a professional to conduct a removal.

What Can You Do?

If you suspect opossums are in the area, try these tactics to keep them away:

  • Keep pets inside and pet doors sealed at night
  • Use animal-proof trash cans
  • Install a motion activated sprinkler system near gardens
  • Make sure to keep the yard brightly lit to deter the critters

How We Can Help

It’s important not to seal up any holes under your house until you are positive there are no opossums living there. Otherwise, when the opossum dies you will have to reopen the area to remove the carcass or wait until the body decomposes for the smell to leave your home. One way to ensure you do not have opossums living in your home or on your property is to give Critter Control® of Delaware Valley a call at 610-385-4405 for your free estimate. We’ll help you keep those little guys from doing any damage to your house or lawn.

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