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Raccoon Removal

Whether you call them masked bandits or trash pandas, raccoons are generally seen as cute and harmless, looking for nothing more than a handful of garbage for dinner. Unfortunately, the reality of raccoons and the dangers which they represent is much more serious than most think. Raccoons sneakily enter your home, and once inside, removal can be difficult.


It is important to be able to correctly identify when raccoons have entered your home because every infestation problem needs to be handled in a certain way. Identification allows professionals to handle the situation appropriately. Here are some things to look for that indicate that raccoons are on your property:

  • Putrid odors in or around your home due to excrement
  • Damage to the home’s interior such as your walls and wiring or even shredded insulation
  • Garbage cans scratched up or even knocked over due to foraging for food inside.
  • Your pets are acting strangely as they sense the raccoon in your home.


Raccoons present a substantial hazard to your home which should not be taken lightly. Not only do they have a tendency to make a home in your attic, but they destroy your insulation for nesting which results in costly replacement. The Humane Society of the United States considers raccoons to be a primary carrier of rabies as well which puts any residents within the household in danger. Even if you aren’t coming into contact with the raccoon, an attic full of their feces can infect occupants with roundworm as it becomes airborne.

Removal with Critter Control®

When facing a raccoon infestation inside your home, it is crucial not to attempt to handle it on your own. The hazard of infectious disease is too dangerous, and a cornered animal may become defensive and attack. At Critter Control® of Delaware Valley, we offer raccoon removal services and are well equipped due to our decades of experience and tools for trapping safely. If you are experiencing raccoon infestation in your home, call us today at 610-385-4405 for a free consultation.

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