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Rat Exterminator

Whenever rats find their way into your home, it spells out disaster for you and your family. Rat exterminators are mandatory at the first sign of rats invading. They run the risk of spreading disease and even damaging the home itself. When you hire a rat exterminator, you avoid such problems as:

  • Home Damage – Rats need to maintain their teeth and therefore will gnaw on your furniture and even worst, your wiring. This can be detrimental as it can cause lasting damage to the electrical system and can accidentally kill the rat which may leave a rotting carcass hidden in your walls.
  • Diseases – With rats in your home, urine and droppings are found in abundance, which could infect anyone coming in contact with them with diseases. Furthermore, if the rat becomes frightened or defensive, it might bite or infect yourself and family members.
  • Food Contamination – Seeking food, rats find their way into your pantry and will chew through the packaging to get at your food. If your food gets tainted by rats, it isn’t safe for consumption and needs to be thrown out.

Leaving It to the Professionals

Attempting to handle rat infestation on your own is not recommended due to the high risk. While there are many over-the-counter options for rat removal, they still pose a significant danger that should be avoided at all costs.

  • Rat traps are dangerous as they might not kill the rat which can get you bitten as you attempt to remove it from the trap.
  • Glue traps are available but are considered inhumane due to their methods and can be harmful to pets.
  • Rat poison is an option and can be bought over-the-counter but is hazardous to pets and children and leaves your home with dead rats to find and dispose of.

Rats are incredibly hazardous and should never be allowed into your home. If you do find yourself facing an infestation, a rat exterminator is the way to go. Critter Control® of Delaware Valley has the means to take care of your rat problems safely and effectively. Call us at 610-385-4405 to remove rats from your home today.

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