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Rodent Control

Have rodents have taken up residence in your home or business? If you’ve noticed a foul odor, droppings, or strange sounds coming from your ceiling, attic or walls then you may have a rodent control issue. Homes and offices appeal to rats, squirrels, and mice for the shelter, food, and water they  provide.

All rodents have the potential to carry a range of transmittable diseases which makes it a smart idea to bring in the rodent control specialists at Critter Control® of Delaware Valley. Our decades of experience ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe as we humanely remove any and all rodents from your home.mice

Our rodent control services encompass much more than just removing the animals from your premises. We begin with a thorough inspection to determine the number and location of the rodents within your home or business. From there, we work with you to create a plan of action that works for your specific needs. Once the rodents have been removed we will repair any damage that they have left behind.

Rodent control is a serious issue, and when left unattended can quickly evolve into a huge infestation.

Allow the experts at Critter Control® of Delaware Valley take care of the problem quickly, and completely the first time.

Call Critter Control® of Delaware Valley today for your free consultation at 610-385-4405.

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