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Rodent Exterminator

You might be surprised by the ways rodents can enter your home. Mice, rats and squirrels can squeeze through impossibly small entry points under loose siding, through vents and roof junctions, making their homes in your attic, your walls or basement.

Why Do I Need an Expert Rodent Exterminator?

When they make their homes in yours, a few things can happen:

  • Rodents, especially mice and rats, reproduce extremely fast. This means that a couple of mice in your walls can soon turn into entire mouse communities.
  • Rodents carry disease, and often defecate in poorly ventilated areas, both of which can expose your family and yourself to health risks.
  • Rodents can do massive damage to soft hoses and tubing, electrical wires and exposed insulation in your walls, basement ceilings and attic. Frayed electrical wires and flammable insulation material combine to become a fire hazard in areas of your house you may not look at often.

Let Critter Control of Philadelphia Be Your Expert Rodent Exterminator

When you have an infestation of rodents in or around your home, you won’t have much luck trying to get rid of them on your own. An expert rodent exterminator can remove rodent populations, seal up entry points on a structure and advise you on your best options moving forward.

For more information and a speedy estimate for your job, contact Critter Control of Philadelphia today!

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