Squirrel Damage

Squirrels can be some of the most troublesome rodents found in human-populated areas, and despite SquirrelInTraptheir small stature, they’re capable of causing serious damage. Almost any homeowner has some kind of story about a squirrel pillaging a bird feeder or creating mischief of some sort on his or her property. Critter Control in Delaware Valley has ye… Read more »

Raccoon Damage

Any wild animal has the potential to cause damage to human property, but the ones that live in Philadelphia raccoondensely-populated areas can be particularly troublesome. Raccoons are highly intelligent compared to most other types of pesky varmints that homeowners encounter, which makes handling them more difficult.

Raccoons are omnivores and will eat just … Read more »

Common Raccoon Problems

Raccoons are intelligent survivors who thrive in urban and densely-populated areas. They’re pure Philadelphia raccoonomnivores and will eat just about anything. Garbage is a common staple for raccoons and can cause headaches for business owners, property managers, and homeowners. Critter Control in Delaware Valley has extensive experience in dealing with commo… Read more »

What is That Smell in my Attic?

Small animals are always looking for a safe place to escape. Due to their size, larger predators and even the harsh elements around them present a severe threat. Your attic is the perfect spot for these little critters to escape. Unfortunately, harboring these animals results in strange odors throughout your home. Look out for these clues to better under… Read more »

What Does Animal Poop Do to My Attic Insulation?

The animal world is a dangerous place, and therefore, they are always looking for safe place to escape. Often, this sanctuary turns out to be your attic. Due to the warmth, it provides in the winter, and the protection from predators, animals love hiding in attics. Unfortunately, animals are dangerous to have in the home, and most imp… Read more »

Why Is My Mouse Trap Not Working?

It isn’t unusual to have rodents in your home as they often find various ways to enter and make it their own. Removal of these intruders is an entirely different story. There are several ways to do this, but the most common are mouse traps.  Although effective when used properly, there are a few user errors that can prevent you from catching the can get into your home through the smallest of entry points. The space under loose siding or through the ventilation in your attic. You may think that keeping them out is next to impossible, but there are some ways to prevent these pests from moving into your home.

Here are some DIY methods to rodent… Read more »

What Are the Noises in My Attic?

What Are the Noises in My Attic?

It’s late at night, and you can’t sleep. As you lie there trying to relax, you hear a scratching noise coming from above. You listen carefully and realize it’s probably not a tree branch. More likely, something is living in your attic.

Rodents in the Attic

Mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents find Pennsylvania attics prime nesting spots. These areas are typically insulated, warm, and devoid of humans, giving them squirrelaround your back yard, these critters can do considerable damage when allowed to take up residence inside your home. Squirrels are most likely to seek shelter in your home when the weather starts to turn colder in the fall and when they are preparing to have babies in the spring.

Signs of squirrels in your home

It may not be readily apparent that squirrels are living behind your walls… Read more »

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