As many people have found out under unfortunate circumstances, rodents can get into your home through the smallest of entry points. The space under loose siding or through the ventilation in your attic. You may think that keeping them out is next to impossible, but there are some ways to prevent these pests from moving into your home.

Here are some DIY methods to rodent-proof your home, most notably your vents and attic.

Keep Rodents Out of Your Vents

Since most mice and rats can squeeze through an opening the size of a quarter, no open vents are too small. To remedy this entry point for pests, Put a heavy screen on the inside of the vent opening and check it regularly. Rodent invaders can chew through screens, so make sure the one you use is a formidable opponent.

Keep Rats and Mice Out of the Attic

When rodents get into the attic, you may not even notice until they’ve reproduced rapidly and set up a whole little rodent community, exposing your family and yourself to disease and fire hazards resulting from chewed electrical wires. The best way to keep rodents out of your attic is to simply be diligent in checking for the smallest of entry points to your home. A ground level crack gives rodents the opening they need to crawl up to the top floor.

Critter Control® Can Help

Of course, you can call a professional pest control company like Critter Control® Delaware Valley to inspect your home if you want to be sure you’re not missing a weak spot around your home. Our expert technicians are trained to detect even the smallest entry points in and around your home. For a free consultation, call us today at 610-385-4405.

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