While squirrels can seem cute and playful when they are scampering squirrelaround your back yard, these critters can do considerable damage when allowed to take up residence inside your home. Squirrels are most likely to seek shelter in your home when the weather starts to turn colder in the fall and when they are preparing to have babies in the spring.

Signs of squirrels in your home

It may not be readily apparent that squirrels are living behind your walls or in your attic. A few things to be on the lookout for include:

  1. Noises behind your walls. One of the chief signs that squirrels have taken up residence in your home is the sound of scurrying behind your drywall or in your attic.
  2. Pet fixations. Your cat or dog may be the best way to tell if you have a squirrel or other animal living with you. After all, their hearing and sense of smell are much more acute than humans. If your cat is staring intently at a seemingly-blank wall, pay attention.
  3. Droppings. Another sign of squirrels is finding droppings in your attic or storage closet. These are generally bigger than mouse droppings, more the size you’d expect from a cat.

Call the Experts

If you suspect that you have a squirrel living in your home, it’s time to call the professionals. An effective and trusted pest control company like Critter Control® Delaware Valley can make sure that the squirrel vacates your home without exposing your family or your pets to harsh chemicals or potentially-hazardous traps. Call us today at 610-385-4405 to schedule your free consultation.

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