The animal world is a dangerous place, and therefore, they are always looking for safe place to escape. Often, this sanctuary turns out to be your attic. Due to the warmth, it provides in the winter, and the protection from predators, animals love hiding in attics. Unfortunately, animals are dangerous to have in the home, and most importantly, they leave droppings which have negative effects on your attic insulation.

  • Physical Damage – If there is animal poop in your insulation, more than likely they are nesting in it. The problem with nesting in your insulation is that the animals shred up the material, diminishing its ability to insulate. Destroying insulation also results in fiberglass dust entering the home through ventilation, which is a serious health concern.
  • Pheromones – Where there is poop you will also find urine. Some animals such as squirrels use their urine as a pheromone to attract more squirrels. If you find squirrel poop in your attic, you most likely have squirrel urine as well which turns your soaked insulation into a giant welcome mat to further intrusion.
  • Disease – Several animals have the capability to spread infectious disease through their feces which can ruin your insulation. Due to attic ventilation, this could leave the occupants of the home at severe health risk as some pathogens are airborne such as roundworm eggs found in raccoon droppings which can infect simply through inhalation.

If you are experiencing animals in your attic, it is crucial to take no risk and have the situation handled immediately. Critter Control® of Delaware Valley has the resources to help you with an infestation. If animal droppings heavily contaminate your insulation, a complete replacement is necessary which is costly. Act before it is too late and call us today at 610-385-4405 to receive a fast and free phone estimate.

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