Small animals are always looking for a safe place to escape. Due to their size, larger predators and even the harsh elements around them present a severe threat. Your attic is the perfect spot for these little critters to escape. Unfortunately, harboring these animals results in strange odors throughout your home. Look out for these clues to better understand from where the unwanted smells are coming.

Droppings – Feces are one of the easiest signs to notice, and they can be used to identify which animal may be in your home. The size of the sample is a great indicator and allows you to distinguish between rat and mice feces. Ranging from about an inch long and half an inch thick, rat droppings are much larger than those of mice. Mouse droppings are around a fourth of an inch long with pointed ends.

Urine – Any animal can leave urine behind, which makes identification somewhat difficult, but further observations in conjunction with the urine can shed some light on the culprit. Wood and wiring with signs of chewing are indicative of squirrel infestation. Red squirrels leave dark urine stains behind which attracts other squirrels. Disinfection is necessary as bacteria and parasites can harm your family.

Carcasses – If an animal dies inside of your home they will leave behind a putrid odor. Often, they die within your walls and burrow in your insulation which is incredibly damaging. Larger animals result in worse scents and will decompose until they lose moisture. If they die in a moist spot like near a leaky pipe, they can continue to smell indefinitely.

Minimize the Risk

You should always be cautious whenever animal excrement or carcasses are involved, as the risk of spreading disease is high. You should always contact a professional service to clean after animals have invaded your home, repair or in some cases replace contaminated insulation, and remove decomposing animal bodies. When your animal problem needs to be resolved look no further than the professionals at Critter Control® of Delaware Valley. Call us at 610-385-4405 and ask about our on-site free home inspection.

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